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Welcome to ChiroActive

Husband and wife chiropractors Dr. Brian Martyniuk and Dr. Trina Parry offer family health care from two convenient locations. In our warm and caring environment, we see expecting moms, babies and anyone who seeks to live a healthier, more fulfilling life. Contact us today!

Live Abundantly with our Stittsville
and Carleton Place Chiropractors

With two convenient locations in Stittsville and Carleton Place, ChiroActive is the place to ensure you and your loved ones enjoy the highest levels of well-being. Stittsville Chiropractors Dr. Brian Martyniuk and Dr. Trina Parry are a husband and wife team offering a modern, technologically advanced approach to chiropractic care.

understanding-what-we-doUnderstanding What We Do

You’ll find everything you need to recover your health and lead an active, wellness-based lifestyle at our practice. We want you to know that chiropractors do not treat conditions and disease. Our expertise is in checking the spine for misalignments that affect your body’s ability to function. When corrected, your brain can communicate properly with all the other parts of your body.

It’s common to experience the alleviation of pain or discomfort, but our focus is on enhancing your overall health. During your care with us, we’re happy to advise you on nutrition, exercise and other tips that will help you transform the way you live. All members of your family, including expecting moms and children of all ages, can benefit from our range of natural solutions:

A Five-star Experience

We strive to deliver the most excellent customer service you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Our thorough approach starts at out front desk. We’re always prompt in our communications with you and answer the phone from morning to evening. We can directly submit to most insurance companies and may be able to directly bill for others.

Your chiropractor Stittsville is dedicated to providing personalized care based on a comprehensive examination and listening carefully to your concerns. Through this process, we can understand your individual needs and tailor a plan to you.

Be happy and enjoy life with your family as we build a healthier community. Contact us today to schedule your appointment! Same-day visits are available, and walk-ins are welcome to stop by.