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Services at ChiroActive

Dr. Brian adjusting a patient

Chiropractic Care

With chiropractic care at ChiroActive, Dr. Brian and Dr. Trina seek to relieve the pressure from your nerves. In doing so, your nervous system can operate at its highest potential so that you can breathe better, sleep better and feel better. Read More…

Pediatric Adjustment at ChiroActive

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

At ChiroActive, we’re passionate about caring for children. Dr. Trina and Dr. Brian have seen the remarkable changes that chiropractic care can make in the lives of kids, particularly their own. Read More…

Orthotics at ChiroActive


If you have abnormal wear patterns on your shoes or pain in your feet, you may benefit from custom-made orthotics at ChiroActive. We offer a complimentary computerized gait scan to all new patients. Read More…

Auto Accident Care at ChiroActive

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) Chiropractic Care

The facilities at ChiroActive are ideally suited to help patients suffering from injuries resulting from Auto Motor Vehicle Accident (MVAs). Chiropractic care is exceptional in the treatment of soft tissue injuries and the spine. Read More…

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