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New Patients at ChiroActive

ChiroActive offers a calm, quiet atmosphere where all ages will feel welcome. Adults and children alike are seen at our warm, friendly, energetic practice. The forms for a new patient visit can be filled out in office.
Dr. Brian showing a patient a spinal chart

Your First Visit

When you arrive at our clinic, you’ll get a VIP welcome from our team. Your paperwork will have already been filled out, so you can give it to the front desk staff, and a have a seat before being promptly brought back to a new patient room. We’ll do a gait scan to assess your spine and body. Then, your chiropractor will meet you and sit down to talk about what’s brought you in and answer your questions.

We may use a thermal scan from the Insight™ Subluxation Station if we feel it’s necessary. Then, you’ll lie on an adjusting table for a full spinal examination. If needed, we’ll recommend that you have X-rays, which are covered through OHIP at no charge. If not, we can start a gentle treatment to relieve your pain. We’ll discuss a range of adjustment techniques and agree on which one you feel comfortable with. After signing a consent form, you’ll get an adjustment.

This appointment takes 30-45 minutes.

Your Second Visit

When you return for a report of findings, you’ll start by watching a short video that gives you more information about chiropractic care. Then, your chiropractor will go through all findings from your examination and X-rays if you had them taken. We’ll review all scans taken, demonstrating along the way what the results mean. You’ll get a diagnosis and a treatment plan that’s centered around achieving your goals.

You’ll receive an adjustment and then talk to one of our chiropractic assistants to discuss your appointments and our office procedures.

This visit takes about 30 minutes.

Regular Visits

At your follow-up appointments, you’ll check in, go to a private room and lie face down on an adjusting table. Your chiropractor will come in, chat with you and briefly assess your condition. You’ll receive a treatment and be on your way. If you’re interested, we’re happy to discuss stretches, exercise and nutrition tips.

Do I Have to Go Forever?

At our office, everyone has a choice. Most of our patients have achieved the best results and continue to see them with wellness or lifestyle care that goes far beyond pain relief. Once corrected, it’s easier to control flare-ups and reach your health goals. The frequency of this type of care is different for everyone, and it’s your decision.

Ready to Get Started?

We can directly submit to most insurance companies so that they are reimbursed, and there are some we can bill directly to. Contact us today to find out more or to book your time!

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