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ChiroActive Stittsville Welcomes You!

ChiroActive was opened by husband and wife chiropractors Dr. Trina Parry and Dr. Brian Martyniuk. We’re here to help and support you in achieving a more balanced and active way of life. After their graduation from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, the pair knew they wanted to open two practices in Ottawa to serve the families in our area.

Feeling Incredible and Discovering Wellness

At our Stittsville location, we see moms, dads, children, and expecting moms who need to get to the root of their problems for effective relief. Stittsville’s growing community means a busy lifestyle for kids and parents with unique stressors on each member of the family. Chiropractic care improves the function of your nervous system, so you can adapt to everyday stress and operate at your highest potential. Our goal at ChiroActive is to enable you feel great and live life to its fullest!

The Highest Quality of Health Care

Dr. Trina and Dr. Brian are both certified in the Webster Technique to help our pregnant patients have a comfortable experience and successful birth. The children and babies we see are often seeking help for conditions such as bed-wetting, ear infections, and colic. Feel at ease in our clinic Every one of our patients, no matter their age or concern, receive excellent service from our five-star team. You may already be practicing healthy habits, going to the gym, and eating the right foods, and what we do will add even more balance to your lifestyle. MEET THE CHIROPRACTORS »

We’d love the opportunity to assist your family. Contact us today! We’re open late for your convenience.

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