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Pediatric Chiropractic Care at ChiroActive


At ChiroActive, we’re passionate about caring for children. Dr. Trina and Dr. Brian have seen the remarkable changes that chiropractic care can make in the lives of kids, particularly their own. The power of a chiropractic adjustment is incredible, and we provide pediatric chiropractic care in Stittsville to the families in our community.

Why should a child visit a chiropractor?

On any given day, children go through falls, sports injuries and small traumas. They may not complain of pain, but with extra stressors like heavy backpacks and excess tablet or mobile use, abnormal postures are increasingly common. Their bodies aren’t designed to deal with these forms of stress.

By checking their spine and nervous system, we help all ages, from infants to teenagers. These checks will ensure that the body can heal properly and allow for their development. Your child will be happy, healthy and vibrant.

What types of problems can you help with?

We see children that are experiencing many different symptoms. There may be neurological issues present such as ADHD and autism or other conditions such as ear infections, bed-wetting and sports injury.

We’ve assisted a child who had recurring partial bowel movement accidents. Just 9 years old, he’d been to years’ worth of visits to specialists with no results. He became a patient, and we found restrictions in different areas of his spine. Within a short course of treatment, he saw extraordinary changes. By allowing his body to express its full potential, he could heal and regain his full abilities.

Sometimes, parents just aren’t sure where to turn or have tried other avenues without success. We want to be here to support you through these times.

What kind of techniques do you use for children?

Our adjustments are completely modified for kids. We may use an Activator® instrument, and tables with drop pieces make the adjustment easy. All techniques are extremely low-force and gentle, involving about the same amount of pressure you’d use to test the ripeness of a tomato.

How do you put kids at ease for their care?

Every child is different, and we work to form positive relationships with each of our young patients. There are kids’ areas in each of our rooms where they can sit at a table, play with toys and get comfortable in the room. Our first visit is often just taking a history of their health from Mom or Dad while the child is playing. We’ll talk to them, too, getting to know them before we even ask them to lie on the adjusting table.

If they prefer, we can perform the adjustment while a parent holds them on the table or sits with them. We’ll show them the Activator or “clicker,” and they can even use it on a stuffed animal or doll they bring in. By the time it’s their turn, they’re usually happy and excited to start.

How often does a child need to be seen?

Once any of your child’s symptoms are alleviated, we’ll continue with wellness checks that are usually recommended about once a month. With periodic visits, we can easily catch up with any recent bumps or falls before they can affect your child’s health.

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