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PreNatal Massage at ChiroActive

What is prenatal massage?

Pregnancy or prenatal massage is massage therapy tailored to meet the needs of a pregnant woman undergoing extensive physical and/or emotional changes during each of her stages of pregnancy at our Stittsville and Carleton Place locations.

How is prenatal massage different than regular massage?

Before a prenatal massage can even begin the therapist will provide extra cushioning on the table that will allow the expectant mother to be comfortable and better able to relax. Use of hydrotherapy is modified, as are certain techniques, positions, and depths of pressure, to ensure complete safety of the client during and after the treatment. Certain areas of the body will be avoided, depending on the stage of pregnancy and/or the wishes and comforts of the mother.

The therapists will gladly answer any questions the client may have regarding their treatments during pregnancy.

What are the benefits of massage therapy during pregnancy?

Prenatal massage can be a safe and enjoyable way to ease the discomforts and transitions of pregnancy. Massage can help the expectant mother to increase or maintain general physical and emotional wellness, as well as to decrease more specific symptoms such as low back pain, upper back and chest pain, and swelling or edema (most commonly in the legs and ankles or feet).

You can enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy with safe and beneficial prenatal massage therapy. Schedule an appointment today!

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